Let’s See How ZeroFare Adds Up.

When the wheels on the bus go ‘round and round' at no charge, everyone benefits. Let’s look at all the ways this program adds up to a better Kansas City.

RideKC transit service has been zero fare
since March 2020

It was strategically implemented over four years, first offering zero fare to veterans, then high school students, and then at-risk customers. Today, 30,000 rides are taken daily, which translates into $1 million a month that is returned to the local economy instead of spent on bus fare.

68% of Riders are Either Going to Work, Looking for Work or Going to School

The farebox generates less than 10% of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority's annual budget.

Where will the money be spent if not in the farebox?

These are the top four categories of spending with the size of the impact.