More connections. More opportunities. More freedom.

Making the Connective Power
of Transit Available to All.

A world-class city is more than legendary barbecue and championship sports teams.

A world-class city is one that strives for excellence, provides better opportunities for its citizens, and affords people the freedom to make better lives for themselves.

That’s why ZeroFare KC is so important. This groundbreaking initiative designed to provide zero fare transit service to the metro area was unanimously supported by Mayor Quinton Lucas and the city council and bolsters Kansas City’s reputation as truly world-class.


What may seem like small change to you can change someone’s life.

It’s just $1.50, after all, right? Well, not to a single parent of two who relies on bus travel to get their kids to and from school and themselves to and from work. To them, that's almost $2,100 a year. Every year. Money that can now be used for better food, or a second pair of shoes, medicine, or any number of things that put money right back into the KC economy.

ZeroFare KC and BlueKC:
The Healthiest of Partnerships.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City have always been committed to the overall health of Kansas City. And we are both proud and excited to announce our partnership with them.

They, like us, understand the role public transportation can play not only in the physical health, but the overall health of Kansas City. From better access to health care via zero fare public transportation, to better quality of life overall, thanks to the elimination of public transportation from already stretched family budgets.

It’s not just good for transit riders.
It’s good for Kansas City.

A study by the Center for Economic Information in the University of Missouri Kansas City’s department of economics states the regional economic impact will increase between $13MM and $17.9MM as a result of ZeroFare KC.

These figures take into account the real-world impact ZeroFare KC has on the economic livelihood of transit customers, as well as the increased number of people incentivized by zero fare to use transit.

(2:58) Watch this short video to learn how bus fare programs like ZeroFare KC have a positive effect on your fellow Kansas Citians.

Make a difference.
Be a part of keeping ZeroFare KC a reality.

Public transit is a connecting thread that ties our region together. Connecting people to jobs, schools, shops and one another. To make those connections more possible for the many, we’re relying on the support of the few. We're counting on those civic-minded corporations who share our vision for a city and region that brings out the best in its people by caring for them in the best possible ways.